Talleres Mecánicos Lázaro Pedro, S. L.

Carrer Ind. Magarola Tres Rieras 12 Nave 3 08292 Esparreguera Barcelona Spain
+34 937 72 91 56

Manufacturer of metalurgic machinery in Barcelona

We are a company dedicated to the construction, repair and assembly of the client installations and the maintenance of the equipments of solids.

Our staff is qualified and has a wide experience in the sector. Our more than 37 years,guarantee our service and machinery quality, we provide you with the best solution adn excellents results.

We have:

Tankard elevators, silos, silos, hoppers, trills, filters,

etc. Also the required structure for they assembly.

We work with different trades, such us: concrete, farming, nutrition, poultry, chemical and metalurgic industry, etc.

We also sell every kind of metalurgic machinery as lathes, milling machines, cylinders, Folding machines, cutters, etc.

*Buying and selling of industrial machinery Barcelona

*Buyinf and selling of second-hand industrial machinery   Barcelona


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